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Solar Window Film in Adelaide

Solchek has been installing energy saving, solar films in Adelaide and surrounding areas since 1971.

Here at Solchek, we can provide a full range of solar window films for all types of applications, particularly specializing in the 3M brand.  We also supply and install safety and security films, UV reduction films and decorative films. See below for a short description of what these films can do.


Sun Control Films - Relatively mild temperatures for most of the year encourages Australians to build houses and commercial premises with large areas of glass. Whilst this is a great way to provide natural light it comes at a large energy cost.

Glass tinting provides a clear solution to lowering energy consumption. With solar energy reductions of up to 81%, people will feel more comfortable even close to the glass and air conditioning can operate more efficiently, improving costs and reducing the impact on the environment. Sun control films will also reduce fading of fabrics and carpets and give more privacy without sacrificing style.


Security Films - Today, protecting your family and property is more important than ever.  3M Scotchshield Safety and Security Films installed on the glass can help reduce your chance of loss and add to your peace of mind.

When installed on the glass these films provide a non-obtrusive deterrent that can improve window safety from attempted break-ins and severe weather.  Link to Security films


Winter Insulation Films -  3M's new climate controlled film helps provide increased insulation performance, much like upgrading a single pane glass window to a double pane. It helps provide comfort during cold winter months as well as providing heat rejection in summer.


Frosted Films - are a great way to provide privacy for front doors and sidelights and office glass panes whilst allowing the light in. These films can also be computer cut or printed with logos or decorative features. The 3M Fasara range of striped and dotted decorative films are available for a beautiful, cost effective finish. Link to gallery.


Anti-Graffiti Filmsare used to protect shop fronts and office windows from vandals.


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