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Windows privacy for homes and and commercial premises

Window films for Privacy in Adelaide

Private Homes

Solchek often installs tinted films to give windows privacy without blocking views and reducing too much light coming in through the glass.  There are a great many films available with more or less privacy depending on the requirements of the householder.

3M Scotchtint films for privacy and heat reduction 


Door privacy with 3M Dusted, Frosted, Haze and Sandblast films

3M Dusted Crystal, Frosted Crystal, Haze and Sandblast films provide the alternative to actual etched, frosted glass. They are quickly and easily installed and are very cost effective, durable and extremely versatile.  Designs can be cut into the films or they can be left plain to give complete privacy whilst allowing the light through. 


Glass installed as a balastrade around a balcony whilst looking beautiful will not provide any privacy to people using the balcony.  Frosted type vinyl films films can be placed to the full glass pane or to part of the glass pane as required.

Commercial Premises


Mirrored grey and silver tints are often used on public buildings and commercial premises.  At the same time as giving almost complete privacy to someone sitting next to the glass during the day, they are reducing a large amount of heat.


3M Dusted and Frosted Crystal films installed on office glass panelling are a cost effective, long lasting way to provide privacy and information about your business.   Logos and other advertising material can be etched into the films wherever required. This means your corporate logo or latest sales promotion can be updated without costly replacement of plate glass.  Privacy can be achieved where you want it, for instance in the middle of the glass panelling, leaving the rest of the glass clear. 

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