3M Scotchsheild is a tough, strong, durable shield that bonds to the inside of your existing windows.


Window Safety films Adelaide


Safety Film Benefits


Glass is often considered the weakest point in a building. Windows that break in extreme winds, as a result of an accident or even a terrorist attack can cause major damage and serious injury.

Flying sharp shards of glass can be avoided by installing clear safety window films designed to maintain the panel of glass in one piece following impact. Solchek provides a range of window safety films in Adelaide to deal with many different situations.


  • Safety for children and family members in the home.  Horrible injuries can result from children accidentally crashing through glass doors and windows.  3M Scotchshield safety and security films can provide a tough, strong, durable shield that bonds to the inside of your existing windows.  Even when the glass is broken, the film holds the glass together.


  • Safety films can be installed on window panes in the home to bring the existing glass up to current Australian Standards (AS1288 & 2208).  This is essential if the premises is going to be used for Family Day Care purposes.  See below information on film which has been tested by the CSIRO and conforms to AS 1288 on 3mm and 4mm thick glass.  This is important because some films have not been tested on 3mm glass.   


  • 'Duty of Care' is a statement that is used more than ever in modern society. These days building managers and owners must consider the safety of people inside their buildings. Although we do not live in a high risk area for bomb blasts, accidents and workplace explosions still occur. Safety film on the glass protects people inside or immediately outside from fly shards.


Solchek has installed 3M safety and security films on many premises in Adelaide for all types of eventualities.  Including Government buildings with 3M High Spec Security films to protect against bomb blasts. 

 Scotchshield Safety Certificate.pdf
 Spec Guide Scotchshield SH7CLARL.pdf
 Kidsafe Glass Safety Fact Sheet.pdf
 Scotchshield PDS SCLARL400 CSLMD.pdf
 Scotchshield PDS ULTRA600 CSLMD.pdf
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