Today, protecting your family and property is more important than ever.

Security Films

Window Security Film in Adelaide

Why Security Film?

Turn burglary into attempted burglary

Security Films installed are an innovative way to protect your home, office or building.

Solchek Pty Ltd have been Distributors and installers of 3M Safety and Security window films in Adelaide for over 30 years.  During that time we have installed clear and tinted 3M security films on glass panes in Banks, Government buildings, Commercial buildings as well as window and door panes in many  homes in Adelaide and surrounding areas.

The films deny quick access for thieves to successfully carry out a robbery. Normally a would-be thief will expect to smash glass panes quickly and gain access to grab merchandise or enter the home. A window pane with security film applied will still break if enough force is applied but the film holds the glass together in one piece, slowing down a would be intruder to such a degree that they may choose to move on to an easier target.

The strength of security film isn’t really related to its thickness.  3M have developed multi layered security films which give greater flexibility – other films begin to tear whilst the 3M security film merely stretches leaving the would be intruder outside for longer (see more under Security film – Why 3M Security films)

Security films come in a clear version or a tinted version to reduce heat, glare and UV fading.  Within the 3M range of films there are security films and solar films with identical tints.  Ground floor glass panes can have the tinted security film applied whilst upstairs panes which can’t be accessed from outside may need the identical tint in the solar control film.


 Security Film Specification Guide.pdf
 Scotchshield PDS SCLARL400 CSLMD.pdf
 Scotchshield PDS ULTRA600 CSLMD.pdf
 Safety Security Ultra Benefits.pdf
Security Films

Ultra Flex System

The 3M Ultra Flex system is designed to enhance the overall performance of 3M Safety and Security films.  Specifically, it is the unique combination of 3M’s tough, flexible micro-laminated Scotchshield Ultra Security film with a band of silicone structural adhesive placed around the edge of the glass and covering the edge of the security film to give greater strength performance when tested for bomb blast mitigation and smash and grab deterrence.

 Attachment System.pdf
 Structural Adhesive 995 PDS.pdf
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