Prestige Films

This sun control film offers a unique combination of low reflectivity and high performance.

Prestige Films

The 3M Prestige Series marks a significant technological advancement in how window films can enhance buildings and homes. Residential and Commercial property owners now have a high performance clear or lightly-tinted window film that combines all the benefits of heavily-tinted or reflective films without the drawbacks of darkened rooms or mirrored windows.

Summery of benefits with Prestige films

  • Increased on-angle heat rejection provides additional performance benefits
  • Low reflection enhances views and overall beauty
  • No metals; 3M technology provides superior performance with no corrosion or interference with cell phone signals
  • Extends the life of furnishings by rejecting Ultra Violet.
  • Premium 3M manufacturer's warranty
  • Reduces glare and eye discomfort
  • Increases personal safety by minimizing flying glass

See samples of these films in the gallery under Prestige films.

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