3M Films

The clearest films on the market

Why 3M?

The 3M Difference

  • 3M is one of the world's top 50 companies.

  • 3M has been in Australia for over 50 years – has an awareness rating of 80% and is protective of its good name.

  • Worldwide 3M invests $1.2billion annually in research.

  • 3M invented window film (trade name Scotchtint) in 1966.  It was the first window film ever to receive a patent This gives 3M over 40 years of proven performance.

  • 3M is the only window film company that actually produces its own polyester, including patented microlayer and colour stable technology film.

  • 3M is the only window film company to make its own adhesives -  the most important ingredient in window films.

All their experience and expenditure on research enables 3M to produce the clearest films on the market whilst maintaining high performance and durability.

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